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In order to provide businesses a taste of our services, we now offer 1000 FREE Instagram Views. Simply subscribe to this service and your Instagram post will receive 1000 views without requiring you to pay anything at all! Think of this as our way to repay to the online community which has made us one of the most popular social media marketing platforms.


Get 25 Instagram Views for Free

  • It is not enough for your Instagram page to have thousands or millions of followers. What is important is the fact that your followers should regularly interact with your Instagram posts. Views play a very important role in the process as it helps users determine whether or not they’d like to view your Instagram videos.

  • If a particular video has a large number of views, other users would automatically watch it too and might even like and share the post. Over time, this could help bring more followers to your Instagram page who would regularly interact with your posts to take your Instagram marketing to the next level.


Here at Quickfansandlikes, we understand how difficult it can be for a business to trust an online platform with the success of their Instagram page. With several such service providers now available online, it is indeed very important for a business to be very careful about where and how they spend their money to improve their social credibility.

Get FREE Views on Instagram

If you’ve been active on Instagram, you might know how difficult it can be for a brand to get views on their Instagram posts. The 25 free Instagram views offered by us would make it easier for you to analyze our services and decide whether or not you’d like to purchase one of our Instagram packages.

Complete Safety

We’ve been into social media marketing for several years and understand the terms and conditions of all the popular networking platforms. Rest assured, our services are completely safe and would never affect your presence on Instagram in any negative manner. We lay a major emphasis on safety and security of our users and only offer high-quality, reliable services.

Enhanced Convenience

You don’t need to fill out any surveys or verification forms to use our Free Instagram Views service. While there are several platforms that require you to do and most of them do not even offer what they promise, we pride ourselves on the reliability of our services. Simply subscribe to the service by entering your Instagram username and email address and you’ll receive your views within minutes.

Friendly Customer Support

Even though you are yet to purchase any of our packages, we still offer the same level of service and support to people using our trial service. While we’ve made sure that the whole process of getting free views is simple and convenient, you can reach out to us in case of any query or delays.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have queries about our Free Instagram followers? Check out our frequently asked questions section to put an end to all your doubts.

When will I receive the views after subscribing?
The views are generally delivered within minutes after you subscribe. However, as it is a fairly technical process for us, there can be delays at times. But rest assured that even in worst case scenarios, it shouldn’t take more than a few hours. You can always contact our support team in case of any delays or queries.
What if I do not buy a package after using this free trial?
This free trial does not come with any kind of compulsion. You are free to decide whether or not you want to upgrade your account by buying a package. Rest assured that the 25 views you receive with the trial would remain as it is even if you don’t want to buy any of the packages. But know that you can only use this service once.
Are the views really FREE?
Absolutely! Many of the businesses have already tried using Instagram marketing services and most of them have failed to get the desired results. To make things easier for them, we are offering Instagram views for FREE to help them check the quality and reliability of our services. After using this free trial, they can then choose from the extensive range of Instagram Views packages that we offer.
How long will it take to receive my views?
Instagram views will be delivered instantly in most of the time. In rare cases it will take less than an hour.
Do you offer custom Instagram packages?
While we’ve made sure that our Instagram packages suit every budget and need, we do offer custom packages too. You can get in touch with our support team to discuss your requirements and we will then work on a custom package exactly as per your needs.
Do I need to provide my Instagram ID and password to receive the views?
We never ask for your Instagram login details to deliver this free service or any of the packages listed on our website. We’ll only need your Instagram username to deliver the views and a valid email address to send the confirmation email.

Why Quickfansandlikes?

Due to the rising popularity of social platforms like Instagram among brands and businesses, the number of companies offering marketing services online has drastically increased. Needless to say, every company claiming to be the best choice cannot be right. At Quickfansandlikes, we stand by our services and let you analyze our services through our Free Trial.

Unlike most other platforms where you can only check the service after paying a considerable amount, we let you do it for free. Combined with quick delivery, enhanced security, and complete convenience, you are sure to experience Instagram marketing in a completely novel way with us.

The number of views on your Instagram posts is an important consideration for users to decide whether or not they want to view your post. Apart from Instagram, the number of views also affects your search engine rankings. In other words, the views can help improve your social credibility.

Even if you are posting amazing content, with thousands of brands and businesses trying to attract the audience, it can be very challenging for your posts to receive a considerable amount of views, likes, and comments. With Quickfansandlikes, you can make sure that your Instagram posts receive the right amount of audience interaction. Subscribe to our Free Instagram Views service today and make your brand Instagram famous.

Still have further queries? Drop in your questions here and our team will get in touch with you within 24 hours.